Island life: diving, sea world & volcanoes.

Sandrine and Stéphane, with their twins Lise
Sandrine and Stéphane, with their twins Lise & Guillaume, are avid travelers. The family enjoys white sandy beaches, good food, and the warmth of the locals. The family lives in NY, but they are originally from Belgium.
“We traveled to Hawaii during summer 2015, which was an unforgettable experience for the whole family. We visited two islands: Big island and Maui island. The first one is a must-see. On this island we discovered several ecosystems: everything from the desert to the alps to a rain forest. This trip was very rich in experiences and activities: volcanoes, a diving tours, snorkeling, hiking, sea wildlife…all while devoid of tourists.”
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Arrival airport: Kailua-Kona, Big Island
Departure airport: Kahului, Maui Island
14 hours flight from JFK or Newark with one stop in Honolulu.
Average price per person: 1500 $ including domestic flight



Rental cars and island domestic flights with Hawaiian
Small driving distances
4 stops

2000 $ per person for 15 nights
excl. flights and restaurants
including 3 activities
Diversity of nature, landscapes and marina wildlife.
Easy access to marina wildlife. 
Once in a a lifetime experience: green, red, black & gold beaches, walking on boiling lava…
Good food, lovely people and far from the big touristy resorts! 

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Lodging and activities

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In a snapshot


30 km/40 min
Big Island
  • We stayed in a very peaceful former coffee farm B&B style, The Rainbow Plantation. It’s quiet, you just hear the sound of birds and it is nestled in a garden with a large variety of tropical plants, flowers and fruit trees. Perfect location to travel around the island from east to west.
    We went to the beaches: gold, black and green! and swim all over with turtles and with various fishes
    We went on a snorkeling tour off the beaten path  with an amazing organisation, Wild Hawaii Ocean adventures. As soon as you get into the water, the scenery is just unbelievable.
    Whale watching, swimming with dolphins and manta rays with Coral Reef Adventures.

120 km/2h
Big Island, Hilo

50 km/1h
Big Island, Volcano NP

40 min flight
Maui Kamaole


– We recommend to book the boats early in the morning as they fill up quickly during the summer months. You will then catch an early boat, that is far less crowded than the one’s leaving later in the morning. Enjoy for the same price a tour with fewer people…perfect for early birds!  

– When heading to the green beach on Big Island, don’t try to drive the last four kilometers but hire a local (they are waiting for you) to bring you over there . You can also walk if you have sufficient time and water.

– When heading to the red beach on Maui, yes you need to pass by a school at the end of a dead end street and don’t stop at the first little red beach you see there is a much bigger one a few hundred meters further!

– Please note that no tourist companies will bring you to those beaches, so rent your car and go for it. It is really worth it.

– Big island is big…therefore foresee several stops in your trip itinerary on that island to get the most out of your visit. We made 3 stops on that island. 

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