Fantastic nature and impressive biodiversity.

Erika’s travel profile

Erika lives with her family in Geneva, Switzerland
Mum of teenagers, a boy and a girl
She has an active family. She need to always keep them busy.
Authentic culture and nature experience

Yoga and Pilates addicted
“We were seduced by the “Ticos”. They are welcoming and very nice. It’s a safe country where it is easy to travel from one place to another.  The kids loved surfing, the canopy tour, and adventurous suspended bridges in the jungle.Erika found the best place for a yoga retreat in Puerto Jimenez!”
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Departure airport: Geneva, Switzerland
Stopover in Madrid
Arrival airport: San José, Costa Rica.
with Iberia
15 hours travel

Yoga with a view at Bosque Del Cabo
Surfing in Punta Islita
Easy and safe country


Total/person: 3890 $ for 15 nights.
Lodging : 2150 $/pp for 15 nights
(3 meals included for 11 nights)
Intl Flights : 1500 $/pp
Domestic flights: 240$

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Lodging and activities

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Taxi shuttle + Car Rental + domestic flight
1+2+3: 15 hours on the road in 15 days
1-4: 35 minutes flight
600 km-4 stops

20 km /30 min

Xandari Resort
  • We stayed at the xandari resort, located only 7 km from the Intl airport. However, you feel you are miles away from the civilization. A perfect way to start smoothly your trip to Costa Rica. The villas are surrounded by lush gardens with terraces facing Costa Rica’s Central valley. The place is beautiful with 3 swimming pools and a spa. The food is grown in their kitchen garden and the dishes are simple but fresh and delicious.
    The hotel offered private hiking tours in the park. We saw beautiful trees, birds and we could swim in the waterfalls

    We relaxed at the swimming pool


132 km/3 hours

  • We stayed at leaves and lizards, a vacation complex offering very cute and traditional cabins very close to the volcano. Erika had chosen the 5 nights stress-free getaway vacation package. They shortened they stay because of the rain that kept falling.

  • Horseback ride 

    Canopy tour (zip lines)-natural park with suspended bridges.

    Walk in the nature around the Arenal volcano 

200 km/6h

Punta Islita
  • We stayed at Palma de Oro. The place is totally new (December 2016). It is surrounded by tropical dry forest and it is very close to the beach with huge turtles. It is beautiful, quite remote and isolated.

  • We surfed for 2 days in Punta islita and Samara beach

240 km/6h
35 min domestic flight
Puerto Jimenez
  • We stayed at Bosque Del Cabo at the  Rainforest lodge. Superb settings.

  • A lot of hiking. There are many trails departing from the lodge.

    Swimming, & reading

    Rafting & Mangrove tour with kayak (4 hours) with sunset

    Surfing (conditions where not optimal)

    Yoga and relaxation
From Puerto Jimenez, we flew back directly to Europe with just a stopover in San José. Flight time from Puerto Jimenez to San José is 35 minutes. We used Nature Air. Budget San-José to Puerto Jimenez was 240 $ roundtrip for 1 adult.


  • It is raining a lot in Arenal. Plan your clothing accordingly
  • It is very easy to plan transfers with the hotels.
  • Car rental is not a good idea or you should book it before departure or make sure you have a high list on your credit card. They requested a  very high deposit, it took us 2 1/2 times hours to finalize the deal. 
  • The roads are in good conditions and it is easy to go from place to another.
  • The climate is very warm and humid. Plan a good and light equipment for your hiking.
  • Surfing conditions in Puerto Jimenez are not very good in December.
  • Plan your luggage content: very easy sports clothes that dry fast. Just take a minimum of clothes.
  • It is very important to have good and light hiking shoes (style Scarpa)
  • We didn’t experience any scary bugs, spiders or snakes.
  • The food is good and simple: rice, beans, a lot of nice fruits & vegetables. Don’t expect gourmet food.
  • No good wine…instead, we drank beer.