My travel highlight!

This month’s chosen highlights is a travel website that I came across…..MyMoonSpotsI met with Capucine during her last trip to New York. This French Globetrotter journalist is very interesting to listen to through her travel stories. Her website is in my eyes a great resource of inspiration and ideas when organizing your next family itinerary.
Capucine is sharing with her readers small hidden luxurious places that she has discovered on her own when globetrotting the world. I love the concept and all her ideas fit perfectly with the Trip Tam concept: create personalized itineraries that mix various lodging styles and activities off the beaten path and more importantly tested by reliable travelers. Capucine is for sure one of those: « for years, this journalist has been tracking down all her escapades. The locations that you confide in, she’s loved them all”. Meet Capucine here!
Discover one of her lodging selection in Argentina, 120 km from Buenos Aires, where the silence merges with nature, where you eat and live like an Argentinian, discover a world of its own with polo horse riders. The lodging is owned by an English interior designer who has given a very special character to the place. Everything here is built around the passion of horses. Forget your intimate dinner time and let you be seduced by the Argentinian traditions with he famous  Argentinian Asado.
And to upgrade your experience, spend a day with an Argentinian cowboy, the Gaucho, and see how he works in osmosis with his horses to herd cattle. Discover this hidden germ and unique experience on Travel Store MyMoonSpots founded by the journalist and Globetrotter  Capucine Graby. If you are interested to book this experience, don’t hesitate to contact Capucine.